The Management Consulting Association is a business student organization at the University of San Diego that was started to enhance the career and professional development of MBA students interested in pursuing careers in management consulting. However, the MCA has become much more than that. The MCA supports growth and development of both graduate and undergraduate students at USD’s school of business.

The MCA adds value to its members’ development by focusing on its “3 Pillars” vision;

1) Real-world project work
2) Robust interview prep
3) Networking opportunities

As the academic year progresses, MCA members, regardless of interest in management consulting, will grow professionally in ways that cannot be achieved with purely academic work alone. The MCA offers numerous opportunities to all members that include 2nd year MBA student mentoring, resume review, coaching, networking and LinkedIn strategies.

Through the MCA, business school students will learn the hard and soft skills needed to propel themselves into their next career regardless of whether the member is staying in their current industry and function, looking for their first post-university job, or preparing for a career pivot. Our aggressive events timelines, resources, and opportunities led to 100 percent internship placement and hiring rate for the summer of 2014. We welcome all and look forward to speaking with you at one of our events this year.

The MCA Board