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Jan 12
3:53 PM

American Association of Law Schools annual meeting

Last week, while most* of you were enjoying your last few days of freedom before the start of the new semester, some of your professors were attending the American Association of Law School's annual meeting in Washington, D.C.  The theme of this year’s annual meeting focused on academic freedom and academic duty, but sessions also addressed some of the hot topics burning up the blawgosphere, including law student debt (NLJ, ABAJournal, ATL, AmLaw_pt1, AmLaw_pt2).

Our own Prof. David McGowan spoke at a session addressing the First Amendment implications of various government attempts to interfere with attorney-client relationships as well as and other First Amendment implications raised by lawyers' use of social media, advertising, and criticism of the judiciary.

*We saw a few of you here in the LRC slogging through citechecking assignments – please accept our sincere sympathy. [JML]