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Nov 16
6:00 PM

Wait, how did you do that?

Have you ever spent too much time trying to explain a website or excel function via chat? Wish that you could just show them what you are talking about?  The Jing Project is an excellent solution.  Jing is a free downloadable program that allows you to capture your monitor to share with others using screenshots or video.  Both modes allow you to add audio, text, and/or free-hand drawing to make your instruction clearer.  Once you create your screen capture or video, Jing automatically generates a URL that you can send to your friend.  Simple as that.  So now you can show your classmate exactly how to print Lexis docs to the printers in the LRC, the process you used to find a particular resource, or how you change your FB language to Pirate.

Sound like a good tool for your next group project?  Click here to check it out.