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Aug 14
5:42 PM

Our Summer Project: Flipping the Classroom

The LRC librarians were hard at work all summer on a number of projects, but my favorite summer project was "flipping our classroom." Looking to recent trends in education (most famously embodied in the Khan Academy), we decided flip our legal research class. We recorded lecture material for students to view prior to class, freeing up class time for interactive, practical exercises. It made class time more fun for the students and instructors and gave students a chance to practice their legal research skills while we were there to guide them and answer questions.

LRC reference librarians Anna Russell and Jane Larrington had the honor of presenting our work at two national conferences. In June, we presented “Technology that Counts: Tools that Improve the Quality of Legal Research Instruction” at the 2012 CALI Conference. The presentation chronicles the process of developing the lecture recordings.  Video  Slides

In July, Anna and Jane again presented the project in the form of a poster session at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries. MiniPoster [JML]