Oct 10
8:59 AM

Bluebook Copyright War


The Bluebook is scheduled to release the 20th edition in 2015. Some in the legal field are wondering if anyone will purchase it. Public.Resource.org has made available online the 10th edition of The Bluebook, published in 1958. This comes after NYU Law Professor Christopher Sprigman sent a letter on behalf of Public.Resource.org to the Harvard Law Review Association, claiming the 10th edition is in the public domain because the copyright was never renewed.

The dispute between Public.Resource.org and Harvard Law Review has been escalating for some time. Now Public.Resource.org is investigating the copyright status of the 19th edition, questioning whether the content of The Bluebook is copyrightable. Harvard continues to protect its turf fiercely, but it remains to be seen what the end result will be.


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