Sep 8
12:20 PM

Hear Hear! Professor Advocates for More Humor in Law School Classes



Law Blog from the Wall Street Journal highlights a new paper from Stephen F. Reed, a clinical law professor at Northwestern University School of Law.

Reed writes that professors shouldn’t underestimate the pedagogical power of laughter.  A good quip, he says, can “wake up your students and help everyone in the room to enjoy and absorb the pedagogical experience a little more.”

Looking to add a little laughter to your study sessions? Check out these books in the LRC:

  • Further Weird Cases: Comic and Bizarre Cases from Courtrooms Around the World (LRC Reading Room K183. S48 2014)
  • Lowering the Bar: Lawyers Jokes and Legal Culture (LRC Reading Room K184. G35 2005)
  • The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance: and other Real Laws that Human Beings Have Actually Dreamed Up, Enacted, and Sometimes Even Enforced (LRC Reading Room K183. U53 2013)



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