Aug 14
1:19 PM

A revolution in the practice of law?

Yes!  According to the authors, Ed Sohn and Joe Borstein, creators of a new blog in Above the Law.  Their prose is catchy and engaging and you quickly jump on the bandwagon as you drink the Koo-Laid of what they are discussing.

Some legal game-changing trends they list:

  • Predictive Coding: We welcome our new Legal Robot Overlords, and hope to help them rule with an egalitarian iron fist.
  • Litigation Finance: Why pay for your own litigation when others will do it for you?
  • Actually Useful Practice Guides: Hey, someone finally created a step-by-step guide to practicing law that even a first-year associate can follow!
  • Legal Outsourcing: You can now unleash the forces of globalization on your legal tasks, as the market has finally acknowledged that high-volume tasks like doc review and diligence do not need to be handled by U.S. attorneys (full disclosure: we work at a legal outsourcing company).


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