Aug 26
2:15 PM

Understand e-Discovery? CA Bar thinks you should.

And the law library is here to help.  During our legal tech talk series of episodes on all manner of legal technologies,, we will provide students with answers on how e-Discovery works.


In a recent Above the Law post, Jeff Bennion, writes, “Attorneys can pretty much be broken down into two categories — those who have experience with doc review, and those who have been lucky enough to avoid it. But, there will be a point in the not too distant future when the latter group will become the ultra minority. I have been preaching for years now to attorneys: “Woe unto you who fails to understand the importance of metadata.”

Our tech talk series, Episode 5 is on metadata.  All episodes are at 12pm in Warren Hall and food is served.  You really can’t beat that.

For the full article on why the CA Bar thinks it an ethical issue to know e-Discovery, read here.


Aug 25
8:40 AM
Aug 22
11:20 AM

You Belong in Law School if you say yes to:

If you answer yes to these questions:

  • Are you interested in pursuing justice, in making the world/your country/your state a place governed by the rule of law, freer from predators and safer from tyrants than it currently is?
  • Are you interested in helping the 50 percent of Americans with legal problems who cannot currently afford legal help to resolve them?
  • Are you interested in soberly attempting to understand and solve the incredibly difficult, and incredibly interesting, intellectual problems that underlie so many of today’s legal disputes, and that are so misconstrued by a journalistic profession obsessed with political correctness?

This is according to George Mason law professor Michael Krauss. Writing at Forbes, Krauss describes two groups of law students, and says only one group should pursue a law degree.

For the full article, click here.


Aug 18
11:21 AM

Why are law schools so expensive?

cost of law schoolThe ABA is taking this question seriously.  According to Molly McDonough, “At its first public hearing, the ABA’s new Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education spent much of its time trying to determine exactly what is leading to increases in law school tuition and debilitating debt loads being carried by so many law students.”

Possible solutions include creating student loan repayment protections, making it harder to obtain a student loan, reviewing the law school ranking system.

For the full article on, Task force on legal-ed financing mulls causes of rising tuition at its first-ever public hearing, in the ABA Journal, click here.


Aug 14
1:19 PM

A revolution in the practice of law?

Yes!  According to the authors, Ed Sohn and Joe Borstein, creators of a new blog in Above the Law.  Their prose is catchy and engaging and you quickly jump on the bandwagon as you drink the Koo-Laid of what they are discussing.

Some legal game-changing trends they list:

  • Predictive Coding: We welcome our new Legal Robot Overlords, and hope to help them rule with an egalitarian iron fist.
  • Litigation Finance: Why pay for your own litigation when others will do it for you?
  • Actually Useful Practice Guides: Hey, someone finally created a step-by-step guide to practicing law that even a first-year associate can follow!
  • Legal Outsourcing: You can now unleash the forces of globalization on your legal tasks, as the market has finally acknowledged that high-volume tasks like doc review and diligence do not need to be handled by U.S. attorneys (full disclosure: we work at a legal outsourcing company).


Aug 12
10:27 AM

33 years later, Brady’s Death could be ruled a homicide

James Brady,President Ronald Reagan’s press secretary, died on August 4. The medical examiner said a few days later that Brady died as a result of the grievous injuries he suffered when he was shot in 1981 by gunman John Hinckley Jr. Could Hinckley now be charged with murder 33 years later?  View the news report to learn more: [youtube][/youtube]


Aug 6
12:42 PM

The 2014 Summer Bar Exam Saga Updated

According to Carl Straumsheim’s article, “Single Point of Failure,” no data was lost during the exam upload snaffu for ExamSoft across the country.  However, although ExamSoft stated it would release some information regarding the disaster, it has been a week and no details have come from the company.  A recent Above the Law post by Elie Mystal sees that ExamSoft is starting to get sued.  Read more here.  The first lawsuit:

In Litchfield v. Examsoft Worldwide, plaintiff Phillip Litchfield, represented by Edelson PC, seeks to bring a class-action complaint against ExamSoft.  The facts are here.  Here is a highlight of the causes of action:

  • Violation of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act (815 ILCS §§ 505/1, et seq.)
  • Negligence
  • Breach of Contract
  • Unjust Enrichment


Aug 4
8:30 AM

Author of One-L in Town

Promotional flyer for Author Scott Turow event.

Warwick’s, San Diego Law Library, and Qualcomm present: Scott Turow in conversation with Don Rosenberg Qualcomm Executive Vice President and General Counsel to discuss and sign Turow’s latest thriller, Identical.

Tuesday, August 5th, 6:30PM at:
Qualcomm, 5775 Morehouse Drive San Diego, CA 92121 Google Map

*This is a ticketed event

Check-in and doors open at 5:30PM and seating is first-come first-served.
Please call the Warwick’s Book Department at 858-454-0347 for more information.