May 12
11:56 AM

Summer & Post-Graduation Use of Lexis, Westlaw & Bloomberg Law


For summer 2014, Lexis offers students unlimited use of Lexis Advance for any research purpose, educational or commercial/job related. No additional steps are necessary for access besides registering your Lexis Advance ID (please contact the LRC reference desk if you need an ID).

Full access to Lexis for students graduating in May 2014 will automatically continue through the end of July. Through the Lexis Law School Graduate Program, all graduating students can apply for free extended access to Lexis Advance through the end of December 2014. Graduates conducting verifiable 501(c)(3) public interest work may instead sign up for the Lexis ASPIRE Program, which will permit job-related access to Lexis Advance for the duration of the public interest work, even if beyond December.


Westlaw passwords will automatically remain active over the summer for a limited number of hours of research each month. Students can get full access over the summer if they have a valid educational need under one of the following provisions:

  • Summer School
  • School-Related Research Assignment
  • Moot Court Research
  • Law Review or Journal Research
  • Working as a Professor’s Research Assistant
  • Non-Profit Externship (receiving academic credit AND unpaid)
  • Unpaid Internship/Externship (receiving academic credit AND unpaid)

If one of the above describes your summer activities, please apply to extend your full access at Westlaw’s Password Extension page. If you take no action, your account will remain active but limited in the number of hours for June and July. Live Chat on WestlawNext will remain active throughout the summer.

Graduating students can extend access while studying for the bar by registering for Westlaw’s Grad Program. Registered graduates will retain access to Westlaw through November if graduating in May, or through June if graduating in December. Please note that this extension will be limited in the number of hours allowed. All graduates will also automatically retain access to a number of career-related databases for 18 months following graduation.

Bloomberg Law:

Bloomberg Law accounts remain fully active over the summer for registered law students, including access for research conducted during summer employment (please contact the LRC reference desk if you need an ID).

Graduates automatically keep full access to Bloomberg Law through their individual account for six months following graduation.


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