Apr 25
1:13 PM

Sneaky Way to Pass a Law

Last year, when the California State Bar sponsored legislation that beefed up its enforcement powers against the unauthorized practice of law, Gov. Brown vetoed the bill, saying that existing enforcement measures were sufficient. So this year, supporters of the law slipped it into Assembly Bill 852, which had been stripped of its original content relating to environmental quality. This maneuver allowed the bill to skip the committee markup process just before spring break, catching its opponents by surprise. Read the Sacramento Bee commentary, and stay tuned.


Apr 17
4:35 PM

Missed Research in the Real World?

Catch today’s presentation slides and handout here!

Research in the Real World provides an in-depth focus on the different types of legal research materials that are used in larger law offices and in small and public interest organizations. Take the opportunity to quickly learn the tools practicing attorneys have access to and are using (we promise it isn’t just Westlaw and Lexis).[MF]

Apr 16
9:00 AM
Apr 3
2:39 PM

LRC March Trivia Winner

Congratulations to our March trivia winner Katie Lepore!

Question: Known as “the First American,” this founding father established the first circulating library in 1731. The library remained the largest circulating public library in the United States until the 1850s. The collection no longer circulates, but is maintained as a research collection.

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

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