Feb 11
8:04 PM

ABA May Soon Allow Paid Student Externships

An ABA panel recommends that Interpretation 305-3 of ABA Standard 305 be revised to allow law students to receive both academic credit and financial compensation for internship and externship placements. The ABA Law Student Division has advocated on behalf of the change. The ABA’s Council of the Section on Legal Education will still have to vote to approve the change.
Source: ABA Moves Toward Allowing Paid Student Externships

Feb 3
5:38 PM

LRC January Trivia Winner

Congratulations to our January trivia winner Denise Peterson!

Question: This former president holds the distinction of being the only person to ever be both president and a Supreme Court justice. In fact, he was Chief Justice starting in 1921 almost until to his death.   He also holds the less admirable distinction of being the only president to (allegedly) get stuck in the White House bathtub. Who is this man?

Answer: William H. Taft