Sep 20
9:35 AM

Talent Wants to Be Free

Prof. Orly Lobel's new book, TALENT WANTS TO BE FREE: Why We Should Learn to Love
Leaks, Raids, and Free-Riding
(Yale University Press;
September 30, 2013), looks at how we fight over talent
in every industry, profession, and region. Through insights from law,
business, psychology and economics, it shows how everyone
benefits when talent is set free. It is about intellectual property regimes,
innovaton policy, employment law, trade secrets, non-competes, corporate
governance, antitrust and smart market competitiveness.

The book will be released on September 30. It is available on Kindle and on AmazonB&NIndie Bound800-CEO-READ . It has general as well as academic appeal, and in the words of Prof. Frank Partnoy, offers "a provocative and compelling argument that we should abandon our obsession with controlling ideas and expertise."


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