Nov 5
12:44 PM

Is Voting-by-Smartphone Around the Corner?

With much of the east coast devastated by Hurricane Sandy, many communities are worried about voter accessibility.  In response to this concern, Governor Chris Christie has opened electronic voting to displaced New Jersyans.  At this point, electronic voting is limited to e-mail and fax: interested citizens may e-mail or fax their clerk a mail-in ballot application, the clerk will then send an electronic ballot, and the ballot may then be returned via e-mail or fax.

This development may very well just be the first step in nationwide electronic voting.  As our society becomes increasingly comfortable with and dependent on technology, most areas of government are already going electronic to some extent.  While you may not be able to vote by smartphone for tomorrow’s election, it may not be too many years away.

For more information on New Jersey’s e-mail and fax voting, visit Gov. Christie’s site here.  Meanwhile, remember to go to the polls tomorrow and MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!  (If you’re registered in San Diego County, you can check your polling location through here – enter your registered address on the top right of the screen). [REG]

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