Oct 15
2:24 PM

How Would You Like to Be RFID Chipped?

Two schools in San Antonio, Texas have placed RFID chips in student ID cards in an effort to track where students are located within the school.  School authorities assert that they use the tracking capability to improve attendance records and to locate students in cases of emergency, maintaining that they cannot track students once they are off-campus.

There are serious legal implications involved here, not only in terms of these particular students’ rights but also in terms of expansion into other settings.  For example, the tracking service could certainly be applied within the legal field, from law schools to courthouses.  The capability would be especially useful in a courthouse, where a clerk could potentially use attorneys’ whereabouts to improve scheduling efficiency.

How do our readers feel about this possibility?  Would you be uncomfortable having your location tracked by your professor?  Feel free to share your opinion in the Comments! [REG]


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