Oct 1
2:50 PM

Election 2012: Are You Registered?

this week, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that would allow California
voters to register to vote as late as Election Day.  While the law does
not take effect this year
, it is expected to be in place by the 2016
presidential election or even sooner, depending on how quickly the State is
able to establish the required voting database (more information about the
legislation, AB1436, can be found here).

the meantime, California’s current law requires registration 15 days prior to
an election: October 22 for this year’s General Election (November 6).  Also, it is very important to double-check your registration status even if you already registered, because technical errors often prevent voters for accessing the polls on Election Day.  For California,
below are some useful links:

Register to Vote:  http://registertovote.ca.gov/

Already Registered?  Check Status: www.sos.ca.gov/elections

San Diego County Status:  http://www2.sdcounty.ca.gov/rov/Eng/evoter_query.asp#

laws vary, so if you’re registered to vote (or plan to register to vote) in a
different state, you may want to check out the following:

Register to Vote:  www.eac.gov

More Information, Including Deadlines: www.usa.gov

states require submission at least 30 days prior to an election, so take a
moment to make sure you’re ready to go once November 6 rolls around! [REG]

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