Dec 16
5:09 PM

Fall Semester 2011 – Finito!

Final Exams2Congratulations on what is sure to be another successful law semester completion.  Just one more measely semester to go for some of you lucky law students before you can claim the title of Juris Doctor.  Happy Holidays to all! [AR]

Dec 9
3:58 PM

Therapy Dogs available Tuesday!


They’re back baby! Therapy dogs to the rescue! Come on out on Tuesday the 13th and smooch a pooch, pet a pup, or love on a Pug! Certified therapy dogs will be available from 12-2 p.m. for anyone to play and cuddle up with. Some studies show that petting a dog can be therapeutic and help reduce nasty stress.  Reduce your stress level and put a smile on your face at this ever so popular event.  [AR]

Dec 5
9:17 AM

PA Trial Court Orders Plaintiff to Turn Over Facebook Password to Defense Counsel

In Largent v. Reed, plaintiff sought to recover damages for physical and mental infuries and pain and suffering as a result of an automoble accident caused by defendant. The court granted the defendant access to the plaintiff's Facebook account, which the defendant believes may contain evidence contrary to the plaintiff's allegations, such as photos of her "enjoying life with her family and a status update about going to the gym." No expectation of privacy on Facebook, says the court, noting "Only the uninitiated or foolish could believe that Facebook is an online lockbox for secrets." [RL]