Oct 24
7:15 PM

Liberalism, Conservatism and the Tea Party: The Meaning of the 2012 Election

When: Friday, October 28th 2011, 5:30pm-7:00pm
Where: Joan B. Kroc IPJ Theatre
Cost: Admission is free but registration is required

From the USD Law Calendar or Events – Joan E. Bowes-James Madison Distinguished Speaker Series:

"The 2008 election looked like the end of a 28-year conservative era, and the dawn of a liberal one. The results of the 2010 election put this judgment in doubt. Liberalism seems less ascendant than liberals expected it to be, conservatism less dead than conservatives feared. This is partly thanks to the Tea Party—which raises its own questions about the future of conservative thought. So one can say that, as the 2012 election approaches, New Deal/Great Society liberalism is in trouble, and Reagan–Bush conservatism seems not up to the task as well. What are the alternative paths conservatism and liberalism might take. What about the populist and "constitutionalist" sentiments captured by the Tea Party? Could 2012 be an inflection point for American politics, like 1932 and 1980? And in what direction might we inflect? These and other questions—including issues of the role of the courts and the meaning of appeals to the Constitution—will be considered."

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