May 20
10:30 AM

Law Review eBook editions: Harvard & Stanford

Harvard joins Stanford in providing eBook editions of their Law Reviews through Quid Pro Books. The eBook editions include: active Contents, linked footnotes, active URLs in citations, and proper ebook formatting for Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook as well as the iPad.

Quid Pro Books was founded by Tulane Law Professor Alan Childress, who edits the Legal Profession blog on the Law Professors Blog Network. To read more about the founding of Quid Pro Books, check out the Law Librarian Blog's interview series with Alan Childress, "Law Prof as Independent Law Book Publisher," Part 1 and Part 2.

At least two other student-edited law journals are also available in eBook format. The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy is available for the Kindle, iPad, Android tablet, computer, and cell phone. The Tulane Law Review is available for the Amazon Kindle.

Hat tip to LLB [JML].

May 19
9:10 AM

Cut & Paste Evidence OKed by Court

When a Miami-Dade police officer went undercover as a decoy intermediary to set up a sexual encounter with an underage girl, defendant Keith Lanzon took the bait.

Detective Clifton saved [their] online conversations by copying the instant message communications and pasting them into a Microsoft Word document. He then saved the Word document to a floppy disc [!], where the conversations could be printed in hard copy form as transcripts. Detective Clifton did not save any of the instant message conversations in their original format to his computer's hard drive, but he compared the actual instant message "chat screens" to the word processing document he had created to ensure that they exactly matched and that he had accurately recorded the conversations in their entirety.

For  the court's ruling on the admissibility of this evidence read the case, and for comments on the outcome check out EvidenceProf Blog. [RL]

May 13
2:59 PM
May 2
1:54 PM

Good Luck with Finals!

From the staff at the LRC, we'd like to wish everyone good luck with their finals! Here are some important reminders:

  • The library is open extended hours (7 a.m. – 2 a.m. daily) during the final exam period April 28th-May 12th. 
  • The LRC will once again be providing coffee, tea, and cocoa for USD law and paralegal students from 5 pm to closing during this time.
  • Also remember that all sample exams on file for law school professors are now digitized and available off of the LRC's course reserves page at: [MF]