Feb 18
5:05 PM

Outrageous or Creative? Tax Plans to Balance Budgets

You're all well aware of the situation: looming and seemingly uncontrollable budget deficits threaten all levels of government.  Here's a story from msnbc.com that lists what the authors say are several "outrageous new taxes."  One of them is the "crash tax" proposal from the New York City Fire Dept. which calls for up to a $500 charge for anyone in an accident or car fire requiring emergency response vehicles.  Here's the actual NYFD proposal–the authors don't have the details exactly right.  And if a method of taxation has been adopted in some 28 states and 68 cities in California, isn't it more of a growing trend than an outrageous develpment?  Some may find the taxes to be creative solutions.  What do you think?  And remember, as with any "news account" you read on the Internet, it might be wise to do a bit of further research before jumping to a conclusion. [BB]

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