Feb 1
3:55 PM

The Wayback Machine

Have you ever gone to website cited by an author only to find that the webpage cited no longer exists? It may be possible to find that old page!

The Wayback Machine has been around since 2001 and provides an archive of billions of webpages back to 1996. Just type in a URL and you can see the page as it existed on a variety of dates.

If you don't know the exact URL, you can browse through a list of pages that existed on a particular organization's website on a range of dates. Just type in the URL of organization's homepage and add an asterisk at the end e.g., http://www.sandiego.edu*.

The "classic" Wayback Machine has always been an amazing resource, but users complained that it was slow and difficult to use. A new and improved Wayback Machine has just been released in beta. Faster loading and easier navigation are among the chief improvements. The "classic" Wayback Machine is still available and allows for some advanced searching not yet available on the new beta version.

Hat tip to ZiefBrief. [JML]

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