Feb 16
7:54 PM

Tale of two cars

A student stopped by to tell me an interesting story. Seems he came out of class one bright sunny San Diego day…and his car was stolen!  In the middle of the day from our own law school parking lot!  He reported it, and was walking back up Marian Way when…HE SPOTTED HIS CAR!  This guy who stole his car pulled over while talking on a cell phone (ironic that he was obeying that law, eh?).  Our intrepid student raced over and pounded on his car  — "What are you doing in my car??"  Of course, the guy split.

Happy ending: a few days later our student was driving behind the Fashion Valley mall and spotted his car parked there…completely undamaged! 

But here is the weird twist:  MY car was stolen from the Fashion Valley mall in December!  How is that connected?  Same moral: Remember to use a steering wheel club at all times! 

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