Jan 11
3:48 PM

2010 begins

Hey everybody, welcome back for another semester!  We hope your break was restful and you made the most out of the time to reconnect with family and friends, sleep as much as you needed, and to generally leave the cares of the law behind.

I never get tired of saying "Happy new year!" I say it frequently and I allow myself to say it for the entire month of January.  I love the newness that every January brings, and it allows us to start again with a fresh perspective.

I was just scanning FreePint and extracted this from the editor's column —
"The month of January was named for Janus, the Roman god of doorways. Janus is most often rendered in dual profile, looking both forward and backward. What better patron could there be for this month, which involves so much planning for new projects, and so much hindsight? With a fresh year stretching before us, January always feels like the appropriate time to think about acquiring new skills and laying the foundation for the next tier of success."  www.freepint.org
Here's to new beginnnings!  Best of luck in the semester ahead from all of us here at the LRC!

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