Dec 8
5:03 AM


Our self-service hot water bar has been a big hit and we are mighty glad nobody has scalded themselves or dumped too many cups of coffee on the floor (Jake, you know who you are).  At times we have been surprised at our own success and have had some wait time while the water heats up.  Thanks for your patience on that.  Another thing: because the two water pots were plugged into the same circuit, we blew a fuse last night, so we moved one of the pots to another plug.  Such is life in the old LRC.  Speaking of LRC living, another ceiling tile got water logged from the rain and bit the dust in the Reading Room.  Please, if you notice any wet or discolored ceiling tiles report it immediately to a staff member.  Like you don't have anything else on your minds!

Stay healthy and focused…and when you sit down to write that final let all that brilliance come flowing out of your brain in a logical, well-reasoned, and pithy way.  We all wish you the best of luck on finals!!!

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