Sep 24
6:53 PM

Net Neutrality: FCC Chair Advocates for New Regulations to Keep It That Way

If you heard or read his speech on Monday, his goals are lofty:  to "allow anyone to contribute and innovate without permisssion," to continue to push decision making and intelligence "to the edge of the network," where no single entity or the network's architecture picks the winners & losers.  Who is this man?  None other than FCC Chair Julius Genachowski.  Doesn't exactly sound like another one of those pencil-pushin' bureaucrats.  And who would dare to oppose freedom & liberty for all?  Um, let's see . . . could that be those avant-garde, cutting-edge wireless carriers?  InformationWeek Government says the wireless networks "haven't generally been governed by the established rules governing wired networks," and that cabal wants to keep it that way.  You know, preserving their freedom & liberty to pick the winners & losers based on their network architecture.  Expect a fight over this one.  Ya, ya, ya, Obama wants to control the Internet now.  The FCC regulations haven't yet been proposed, but if you're interested in following the back-and-forth leading up to their release, go to a site I wrote about last June,  By clicking the Agencies tab, then choosing the Federal Communications Commission, you'll find the News Related to This Agency section lists several news stories about the organizaions gearing up for this fight.  If you're really interested, you can subscribe to the feed for this agency so that when those Proposed Regulations are actually issued, you'll be one of the first to know.  If you then want something to say about it, you can participate in the Public Comment period at, "Your Voice in Federal Decision-Making."

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