Sep 21
7:59 AM

Nursing Student Legislation Training Today!

One of my very favorite tasks each semester is introducing legal research to the nursing students.  They have a required course in health legislation and policy, so I get to show them how to find current bills winding their way through Congress and the California legislature.  What makes this particularly fun and satisfying is the fact that I am reaching people who will not be part of the legal profession. And yet they will know how to find a law, track a law, and look up its history. 

These are things that I think everyone should know about.  Everyone who knows more about the legal process is one more person who is informed about how our system of government works.  I am such a pollyanna this morning — too much coffee?  Perhaps.  But I honestly believe that knowledge is power and we can never impart too much knowledge when it comes to our government's activities.

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