Sep 17
5:55 AM

New Diversity Initiative to Challenge Biases

The LRC, in partnership with Copley Library, the United Front Multicultural Center and Athletic Department, is presenting a unique social dialogue event called The Living Library

For two days in October the libraries will offer readers the opportunity to check out a living book — a real person who has a life experience or characteristic that you may not know much about, may have unpleasant connotations about, or something you may fear.  By checking out that book for a short time to ask it questions you can come to a better understanding of other people and their lives.

This event is sponsored by the On Our Campus diversity initiative, a part of the President's Advisory Board on Inclusion and Diversity (PABID).  Student club sponsorships include Pride Law and the National Lawyers Guild.

October 21st from 3-7 pm.  Check it out!  Check out your prejudice!

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