Aug 14
3:31 PM

Brave New [Book] World: iPhone Textbook Apps & G-Book Downloads

The iPhone is getting more and more fans as a college-textbook reader.  The Wired Campus reports that one of the new publishers involved in theis project is Elsevier (Lexis's parent co), so law textbooks may be in the offing.  While the idea of looking at snippets of cases on a small screen may not be appealing, the app has a zoom and scroll feature that makes it easier than you might think.  You still can't make notes in the margins, though.

Google announced today that it will let authors use Google Books to distribute works that they have published under Creative Commons licenses. Readers will be able to download the copyrighted books and share them with other Google Books users as long as they comply with the authors' decisions on how the material can be used. (There are six different Creative Commons licenses, which let authors require, among other things, that their books can be repurposed only with attribution or only for non-commercial use.) 

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