Jun 15
4:47 PM

Instant message a reference librarian!

We started using Meebo last semester and it works pretty well.  The only problem is that we get busy helping people and forget to look at the screen to see if an IM has popped up!  Sometimes we get a beep, sometimes not. Something to work on, I suppose.

How do you do it?  Go to our home page and click on the "Chat with a librarian" link. That will take you to a page with 2 widgets, one for the Copley Library and one for the LRC.  We are on the right side. Just click in and ask a question!  It is that simple.

People have used the IM option to ask us our hours, whether we have a book on a particular topic, to help them use a database, or to ask us to find their sister.  The uses are endless. Some uses are better than others.  The IM option is best for short questions that have a straightforward answer, like a case name, citation, statute, URL, etc. In-depth answers should be directed to our email (click the blue Reference link) or phone reference services.

Give us a try!

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