Apr 28
6:03 PM

Woo hooooo! LRC is open until 2 am!

During finals, the LRC is extending its hours on a trial basis.  As of tonight, the LRC will be open from 7 am – 2 am until May 14th.

We have hired some very nice people who happen to like working late hours to make this happen, so please be nice to them.  They have the job of getting everyone to move down to the first floor at midnight so we can close down the rest of the library.  Closing the library takes a lot of effort and has many tasks, so we usually have two people on duty to close. But from midnight to 2 am we will have just one staff member on duty. Having only the Info Services area and computer lab accessible after midnight will make it a lot easier for one person to close the library at 2 am. 

Warning! There will be absolutely no talking or noise-producing activities permitted from midnight to 2 am. However, there are plenty of classrooms in Warren and the LRC where you can type, text, phone, chat, and otherwise commiserate with your fellow studiers.

We hope this works out for everyone and that it provides the extra time you need to study.


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