Apr 1
4:55 PM


It was one of those Twilight Zone moments when you aren't quite sure if the question or the questioner are offbase.  "Where did the coke machine go?" asked the distinguished law student. Me: "Huh? Isn't it over in the corner?"  We both had a laugh over my complete lack of knowledge and at just how ready I was to divulge it.

It appears the coke machine was moved while I was looking elsewhere to the California copyroom. I checked it out and it does look good there, rather stately in its red and black robes.  Probably a better place anyway, it is much more visible and being in a room it will be less disturbing to others.

Another item on the move was the magazine rack. It walked itself over to the newspaper nook on the west side  of the Information Services floor (all the way to the right as you enter the LRC). 

What is with all this change?  It is hard to keep with it all. My head is swimming, I need some Alka Seltzer.


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