Dec 23
8:56 AM

It’s time for a break!

Finals are over, the holidays are here, and the library is dead. Not that we aren't still breathing, mind you, but there is a stillness in the stacks, a hush in the halls, a quiet in the quietude. 

Over intersession there will be the usual noisy projects to keep February bar studiers and law review folks annoyed — the lower level will have some book shifts and squeaky carts, the Reading Room will be getting a spiffy new Rare Books Room — meaning lots of workers, drills, jackhammers, saws, and stinky fumes.  I am painting a bleak picture, so it probably won't be so bad.

But rest assured that we will be missing you all and awaiting your return.  We really do this because we like to, and the reason we do it is you.  How's that for a holiday heartwarmer?  Now go away and don't make me cry! 

Happy holidays, and see you all back here in 2009!

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