Dec 19
3:59 PM

US NEWS: Best Career in 2009!

It's official!  The people at US News and World Report who know about these things have named librarianship as one of the best careers to have in 2009.  All the good things that we do are mentioned: helping people dig up information, learning new things all the time, being expert researchers and getting to learn and use all the latest cool electronic search tools.  They go so far as to say that "librarians are among our society's most empowering people."  Not empowered…empowering!  I think that is even better. But that's because I am a librarian and not a practicing lawyer. Read more here.

By the way, mediator made the list, but attorney did not (it was one of the most overrated careers).  Might have something to do with that empowerment issue. Go figure.

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