Oct 31
12:40 PM


On the Britannica Blog you can find a list of haunted libraries from different parts of the U.S. In California we have several mentions, among them:

Alhambra, Ramona Convent Secondary School. Founded in 1889, this is one of the oldest operating schools in the state. Students have seen a nun in a white habit roaming in the library.

Chowchilla, Madera County Library, Chowchilla Branch. This new branch stands on the site of a bowling alley that burned down when its kitchen caught fire. The circulation area lies on the approximate position of the kitchen. Some say a cook who perished in the blaze can be seen in a flash of flame.

El Centro, Central Union High School. Footsteps, talking, and doors slamming are heard in the library. In the library basement, where detentions were held in the 1980s, footsteps, crying, and laughing are heard   Check it out here.

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