Oct 6
12:04 PM

You are your email handle

Wired Campus says: Many students fire off e-mail messages to their professors without giving much thought to what they’re writing. Professors posting to a popular thread have shared e-mail messages riddled with grammatical errors, unreasonable demands, and silly or unbelievable excuses.

But buried within the forum are examples of another breed of students — ones whose e-mail messages are ordinary and downright polite, but are sent from an unprofessional or obscene e-mail handle.

In one case, a professor received a frantic e-mail from a student who failed to offer any identification besides the pseudonym Shortysexy. The professor mentioned the e-mail in each of his classes, hoping someone would come forward and lay claim to the questionable handle. Needless to say, no one came forward, and soon the professor received another e-mail message that made Shortysexy’s name seem quaint: This one came from a handle that began with “Blowitoutyour” and ended predictably enough. —David DeBolt

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