Aug 25
4:29 PM

First Day of classes! :-) First Laptop stolen :-(

The excitement of the beginning of a new school year was tempered today by the theft of a student's laptop from the reserve room. For those new to the LRC, the reserve room is the small room down the hallway next to the Circulation desk.

We always remind people that thieves target libraries, especially during busy periods like the start of classes or exam prep time. These people aren't dumb, and they look just like you or me.  They know exactly when to strike when given the opportunity.  So, please don't give them the opportunity.  Always keep your valuables with you.  If you leave a laptop, be sure it is locked up securely.  We loan cables and locks from the Circ desk just for this purpose.

We hope everyone heeds this warning and it will never happen again.  We can hope, can't we?

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