Aug 1
2:42 PM

Greener on-campus computing ideas?

Josh Fischman at the Chron’s Wired newsbrief relays some campus fixes for computer energy hogs.

Computer processors suck in huge amounts of electricity and give off a lot of heat. As Fischman writes, “What is an energy-conscious (and budget-conscious) CIO to do?”

The California State University-Monterey Bay has some ideas. On their education and technology roundtable, Ready2Net, which is both Webcast and broadcast on TV, they tackle computing, energy and the environment.

Casey Green, founder of the Campus Computing project, moderates a panel that includes CIOs from Washington State, San Diego State, Bryant Universities, as well as executives and specialists in high-tech energy conservation from Pacific Gas and Electric and Cisco Systems.

Another place to find useful ideas is The Chronicle’s latest Tech Therapy podcast, “How Green Is Your IT?” Tune in, turn on, and drop your big carbon footprint.—Josh Fischman



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