Jul 11
2:33 PM

Google disses librarians — hisses heard ’round the info-highway!

We poor librarians!  We scour the earth for just the bit of information that someone needs to finish their paper/article/project/brief or whatever, and what do we get?  A big fat ZERO.

From Google, that is.  Librarians have long complained about Google’s lack of responsiveness on Google’s very own Librarian Central blog (styled “Your official source for Google tips, news, and updates.”)  How dare they ignore us?  Don’t they know we are the gatekeepers to the info highway? Well, today we got our answer.

Google closed it down. Shut it down. Called it quits. Returned to sender.  Whatever.

Instead, they say it will send out a newsletter “every few months.” Who are they kidding? I, for one, will not be ignored!  [sounds of much gnashing of teeth]…oh, who am I kidding? Ya can’t fight city hall….

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