May 16
2:26 PM

Blackboard expands outreach to Facebook

Blackboard’s course management software has added a new application that will put it smack in the middle of most students’ social lives — Facebook.

"Blackboard’s strategy is to bring its services where the stuents already are and capitalize on Facebook’s ubiquity and collaboration capabilities," according to the article in Inside Higher Ed.

The application is called Blackboard Sync, part of a larger Web 2.0 project, Blackboard Beyond.  The integration of Blackboard’s message boards, grades and class announcements/updates with Facebook’s social network will be available only to those logged on to Facebook and are enrolled in the course.

"Let’s face it," say the new ads. "You would live on Facebook if you could.  Imagine a world where you could manage your entire life from Facebook — it’s not that far off!"

Gee, I can’t wait!

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