Apr 25
4:13 PM

AT LEAST IT’S SUNNY: Report says LA has the worst legal climate for business

A recent survey of corporate attorneys found that, "Delaware has the nation’s best legal climate, while courts in West Virginia ranked at the bottom," reports legalNewsline.com. Nebraska, Maine, Indiana and Utah were also in the top-five states with favorable legal climates. The courts’ quality of judges, the predictability of judges and damage awards were given as reasons for their favorable ratings.

And what about us?  While the article doesn’t mention San Diego, Los Angeles earned honors "as the city or county with the worst legal climate for business." In the nation! 

And California?  Well, it did fare better.  The report, "Lawsuit Climate 2008: Ranking the States," puts the Golden State at 6th from the bottom; only Illinois, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia are lower.  Apparently, there ain’t gold in them thar hills, at least for corporate attorneys.  Or, should we say, corporate defense attorneys.

The report was commissioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and released by its Washington-based Institute for Legal Reform.  Is it corporate propaganda, as the trial lawyers’ American Association for Justice sees it? Or is it something that must be addressed in order to "attract new business and grow jobs," as the Chamber sees it?

Take a look at the report and decide for yourself.


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