Mar 3
4:17 PM

Midyear Muddle

So the very worst month of the school year has thankfully passed us by with little incident.  February — usually bad weather and bad moods. Think hearts and flowers and chocolate.  Now think about all those who don’t have anyone to give those to.  Also think of those who do have someone, but forgot or otherwise put on a poor show of it.  Now picture lots of crabby, unhappy people.  There!  That was February.

Now we are in the month of Spring Break – yeah!  That is the time everyone looks forward to.  Why? Because they think they are going to catch up on all their reading. What kind of joke is that?  No matter.  We will support you in that endeavor by staying open regular hours to accommodate all you late night studiers, and the reference folks will be here too.

So plan accordingly.  Beach…or books?  You decide.

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