Jan 10
1:09 PM

It’s a new year and a new beginning

January often brings us to our knees with humbling promises to be better at this or that, lose that holiday weight, to be kinder or more patient, to be more studious, or be better library patrons.

Oops, did I say that last one out loud?  Well, we know how it goes.  We all start off with good intentions to be courteous to our fellow studiers, to not eat noisy or stinky stuff in the next cubicle, to whisper (remember what that is? LOL) in the reading rooms — you know, that library stuff.  And then what happens? We lose focus. We get caught up in our own very busy lives. Things get out of control and we NEED those six Rubio’s fish tacos while calling our best friend to explain the entire experience of being called on in Property at the very worst possible time…all in the LRC atrium! 

Being aware of these traits may help you avoid them.  Be strong. Stay focused. We’re here to help!