Dec 7
8:53 AM

Wet and wild: the final(s) ride

It’s a rainy Friday during finals.  It kind of fits the mood around the library.  Lots of low profiles, sighs, and the smokers are rushing past the reference desk at a furious pace.  The Circulation Desk is keeping busy handing over those past exams from 1997 to students just hoping that this is the magic key to reveal the inner-workings of the mind of Professors X, Y or Z. 

All you can do is hunker down, concentrate, and try not to get sick.  That’s the real killer — when you are feeling miserable but still have three finals to go.  One guy I know had 5 finals this semester and came down with a cold just before they started. 

But that’s law school.  You do what you gotta do.  And if that means dragging your sorry self into the library at 7 am after being up all night with a crying baby and having to listen to the next American Idol wannabe practice karaoke through your apartment wall, you do it. After all, it’s good practice for the real thing.  Yep, you think this is bad?  Get ready to be a lawyer…you’ll find out what I mean.

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