Nov 13
4:58 PM

Santa Ana Winds, and it’s almost Turkey Day

Can you believe it — almost time for the holidaze, and that means all you outlining crazies are buckled down for the long haul. The rest of you, what the heck, you’ve coasted this long with no worries, why start now?  The library will have a steady hum of deep thoughts.  The constant smacking of lips, crunching of tortilla chips, and scarfing of burgers will be heard, seen, and smelled throughout the building. Just today this guy came to me in a rage because he could not find one place in the library without somebody eating a picnic lunch in the carrel next to him.  This guy was mad. I mean MAD.  And I don’t really blame him. The library is for everyone to use and enjoy.  Please be considerate of others and only bring in food that does not smell, does not make noise, and is mess-free.  We thank you, the cleaning crews thank you, and so do your fellow studiers.  Peace.