Oct 22
7:13 PM

Firestorms throughout the county, deja vu all over again

At this writing the University is closed through Tuesday, and for good reason. Those USD community members who live in affected areas need to take care of their loved ones, their belongings, and themselves.  Roads need to be available for emergency vehicle use.  Air quality is dangerous.  Please take some time out of your day to reach out to those you know who may be in need.  My cousin lost her property in Ramona last night; the neighborhood is nothing but cinders and ash. As bleak as it seems, she is determined to rebuild and begin again. Let’s hope that this strength of spirit may hold true for so many San Diegans who need it at this difficult time.

Oct 12
5:05 PM

The Incredible Shrinking (Relevance) of the Supreme Court

Interesting article from Time writer David Von Drehle about the "dwindling role" the SCOTUS plays in the lives of Americans since Chief Justice Roberts was confirmed. Amidst the 5-4 squabbles and pointless inflammatory rhetoric, Von Drehle sees Roberts as a man "more interested in the steady retreat of the court from public policy than in a right-wing revolution."  Check it out here.

Oct 9
4:15 PM

To Lab or Not To Lab…that is the question!

Yet another study shows that computer labs are still in demand despite the prevalence of individual laptop users.  And the survey says: use may even have gone up.  Reasons given were "concern that their laptops might be stolen; because they needed the software available on the college-owned computers; because they didn’t want to cart heavy laptops around; and because they needed to use the labs’ printers." Check out the The Chronicle of Higher Education’s "Wired Campus" article from October 8th.

Oct 9
12:56 PM

Get a grip!

OK, it is October already. You never saw time fly by so fast, you say.  Well, time to start getting all your ducks in a row, all your notes in order, your outlines in outline form.  You think September went fast — when you next look around you it will be Thanksgiving and finals will be looming!