Sep 21
3:26 PM


Lawyering Skills tours came to a glorious end this week amidst a frenzy of research around Am Jur, ALR, and the California materials.  Although it was intense, most everyone survived. (I will withhold the final body count until I see who fails to show on Monday!)

Congratulations to all the Reference Librarians for their fearlessness and determination in seeing that dozens of 1Ls approaching the desk were all helped with equal grace.  (I apologize to those who I may have given an incorrect answer or two…I may have missed that particular lecture when I was in law school.) 

Now it is Friday. The air smells sweeter somehow…now that all the people have cleared out.  Ready for a beautiful weekend.  Hope you are too.

Sep 6
3:52 PM


You will notice some interruptions to your studies throughout September as we provide library tours and mini-lectures about primary and secondary authority to the entire 1L class.  We post signs on tour days and advertise the earplug option — they are always available at the circulation desk!  We often have to congregate around the codes and reporters in the California Room, in the Reading Room we commandeer central tables for our demonstrations, and we try to win bets on who can fit the most students into the Reserve Room at one time.  By the 19th they should all be done and the library should be free of mass demonstrations and chaotic diversions. 

Alas, that is when our research lectures to upper-class elective courses tend to take over the computer lab for stretches of time.  Signs will be posted warning of a lab closure.  Remember the small lab in the Reading Room is an option during those times.