Aug 18
1:11 PM

Fall Semester Begins!

Welcome back to all returning students and welcome to our new 1Ls!

New New New New!  We have a new system for printing in the computer lab: Campus Cash! Just like you put money on your ID to buy food and other oncampus treats, you can also use it to print from the lab computers.  If you are not familiar with the procedure, check the instructions posted in the lab. We no longer use CDT cards for printing, although you can still use them for photocopying.

New New New New!! Two new reference librarians are now on board: Brent Bernau and Melissa Fung. Brent will specialize in government documents and Melissa in foreign and international materials.  Stop by the reference desk and say hello! They will both be giving library tours, in-class lectures, and staffing the Roving Reference desk along with Judith Lihosit and me.  We are very excited to have them on our team.

New New New New!!! Renovated wall coverings and restrooms await you in the LRC. The smells and noise have gone.  Life is good.

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