Jul 10
11:31 AM

“They’re Everywhere You Go”…Aliens? Nah, InfoNerds!

A recent New York Times article explores the hip side of people who perform information retrieval, the cool, secret underbelly of the profession known to others as…….shhhhhhhhh…librarianship. Not everyone can be as cool as a librarian. As the article states:

"Why are people getting into this profession when libraries seem as retro as the granny glasses so many of the members of the Desk Set wear?…An actress who had long considered library school, Ms. Murphy finally decided to sign up after meeting several librarians — in bars. 

“People I, going in, would never have expected were from the library field,” she said. “Smart, well-read, interesting, funny people, who seemed to be happy with their jobs.”

Apparently, our secret is out. 

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