Apr 13
3:22 PM

Lessons From a New College Security Breach

From the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus Newsletter dated 4/13/07:

"Last week the University of California at San Francisco had to tell 46,000 users of its campus computer system that their personal information — Social Security numbers, bank-account identifiers — may have been stolen by an intruder. Just who that intruder might have been still isn’t known, but security experts are already weighing in on what UCSF did that allowed this to happen. An analysis published today in Campus Technology surveyed several of those experts, who conclude that the university, among other things, used too little encryption on this data. "Encryption is one of the only security technologies that have been proven consistently to significantly lessen risk," says one da ta-guarding guru. Higher-education institutions, because of their open nature, tend to be a little lax on security, according to the story, and they only close the barn door after the data horse has bolted. With data assaults on university systems being reported more frequently, this cautionary tale is well worth reading. –Josh Fischman"  Editorial comment: SCARY!

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