Nov 3
8:57 AM

Can You Lip Sync to “Smack That”?


According to this article, videos of the hit rap song "Smack That" have been viewed more than half a million times on the popular Web site YouTube. That doesn’t include the countless amateur videos of young people lip-syncing to its infectious beat or ones where the song is used as a soundtrack for everything from pro soccer matches to original animation. But most, if not all, of this has been done without the permission of the rappers, their record company or the songwriters’ publishers.

It is a common scenario on YouTube, one that the Internet’s hottest video-sharing site, concerned about lawsuits and loss of content that could derail it, has been working to resolve. The company is negotiating licensing agreements with TV and music companies.  Read more.

"YouTube Finds Signing Rights Deals Complex, Frustrating," By KEVIN J. DELANEY, ETHAN SMITH and BROOKS BARNES / Wall Street Journal free feature : November 3, 2006; Page B1

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