Sep 19
9:10 AM

Shepard’s & Headnotes

Once upon a time, little raised numerals indicating specific Thomson West Headnote case treatment were sprinkled throughout Shepard’s …  Today, that linkage between citator and digest is gone the way of the Edsel

Law Dawg Blawg blogs — "LexisNexis has announced that, as of September 1, 2006, it no longer provides coverage of West headnotes for most case law in Shepard’s Citations…" [See "New Enhancements" section of the current LexisNexis Info Pro for Legal Information Professionals]. 

"This announcement comes one year after a September 2005 LexisNexis news release stating that "LexisNexis will continue to provide headnote analysis for West’s reporters."

No worries, says Lexis — "We are confident that the impact of our decision to discontinue this headnote analysis will be minimal, as our market research and tracking indicates that usage of these features on our online system has been extremely low."

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